Improved Design Features

Our devices will support accurate child height/length measurements and readings by minimising the possibilities of human error in both measurement and data recording.

Modern Technology

With the use of ultra-modern technologies such as ultrasonic and lazer sensors to efficiently and accurately measure (accuracy parameters ± 2mm) and automatically store one-off and longitudinal child growth data.


Our portable, user-friendly, light weight (around 5 kg) deceive operates on 5V battery which can be charged by 12V battery, mains and solar. Therefore, it has wider applicability including suitable to use in extreme remote areas of LMICs that are not connected with road and/or electricity network.

Our Team

Professor Helene McNulty

Principal Investigator and Professor of Nutritional Science, Ulster University

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Dr Santosh Gaihre

Co-Principal Investigator and Lecturer in Global Health, University of Aberdeen

Dr Ruth Price

Co-investigator & Clinical Trials Manager, Ulster University

Professor Margaret Morgan

Co-investigator and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Ulster University

Mr Pearse O'Gorman

Co-investigator and Lecturer - Engineering, Ulster University

Dr John McRae

Commercialisation Manager and Technology Transfer Officer (TTO), Ulster University

Mr Gerry Meehan

Research Assistant (Engineering)

Overseas Partners

Ms Ane G Balzategi

(Cantaro Azul,  Mexico)

Ms Catalina Herrera

(Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia – CTA, Colombia)

Ms Shweta Rawal

(South Asian Infant Feeding Research Network-Nepal (SAIFRN), Nepal)